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AntivenomGreen Pit Viper Antivenin (Antivenom Details)
Thai Red Cross, Science Division
1871 Rama IV Road, Pathumwan
10330 Bangkok
Tel:+66-2-252-0161, Fax:+66-2-254-0212
NrName of animalTaxonomyType of antibodyReference
1.Trimeresurus albolabrisSpeciesspecific[A]
2.Trimeresurus spp. of thailand
List of further species and subspecies not mentioned explicitly in the reference (n=26): Trimeresurus barati, Trimeresurus borneensis, Trimeresurus brongersmai, Trimeresurus erythrurus, Trimeresurus fasciatus, Trimeresurus flavomaculatus flavomaculatus, Trimeresurus flavomaculatus halieus, Trimeresurus flavomaculatus mcgregori, Trimeresurus fucatus, Trimeresurus gumprechti, Trimeresurus hageni, Trimeresurus insularis, Trimeresurus kanburiensis, Trimeresurus macrops, Trimeresurus malcolmi, Trimeresurus nebularis, Trimeresurus popeiorum, Trimeresurus puniceus, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus, Trimeresurus sabahi, Trimeresurus schultzei, Trimeresurus stejnegeri, Trimeresurus sumatranus, Trimeresurus truongsonensis, Trimeresurus venustus, Trimeresurus vogeli
[A]: Thai Red Cross Society, Thailand: Green Pit Viper Antivenin. Clinical Toxinology Resources: Id »sastrc01«, version 2014-09-23.
Holding centres
    Total number of vials: n=54
  1. Germany, 10319 Berlin
  2. Germany, 42117 Wuppertal
  3. Germany, 81675 Muenchen, Giftnotruf Muenchen, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Vials n=8
  4. Sweden, 11181 Stockholm, Apoteket C.W. Scheele, Emergency-pharmacy Stockholm, Vials n=13
  5. Switzerland, 1211 Genève 4, Pharmacie des Hôpitaux, Universitaires de Genève, Vials n=3
  6. Switzerland, 8006 Zuerich, Kantonsapotheke Zürich, Vials n=10
  7. Switzerland, 8596 Münsterlingen, Kantonsspital Münsterlingen, Institut für Spitalpharmazie, Vials n=10
  8. United Kingdom, London SE1 9RT, Medical Toxicology Information Services, Guy's Hospital, Vials n=10